Espion Takes Bite of Big Apple Opening New York Office to Support Growth

Expert in managing and securing corporate information Espion, is on track to become a major global ICT player through a new venture to help make it easier for US multinationals to do business across the EU.

Avoiding App Apocalypse:

Espion Urges Firms to Tackle Apps in the Workplace or Risk an Information Security Breach

Espion Intelligence:

Social Engineering - Patching the Human

With spear phishing remaining the most common attack strategy for getting malware into an enterprise, the question remains, why do we take the bait?

Our latest 'Espion Intelligence' article tackles the latest trends in Social Engineering and is tailored to give those charged with protecting organisations a better understanding of the issues.

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Meraki: Introduction to Cloud Networking

Meraki: Introduction to Cloud Networking

Join us for an introduction to Cisco Meraki and our cloud managed networking products, including wireless access points, security appliances, and switches.

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Cyber Security and the Application Layer

Cyber Security and the Application Layer

Join Espion as we discuss strategies for improving application security, and the ways this can support your business objectives.

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  • Ask the Espion Expert: Cloud Security

    “There are serious security concerns around cloud computing relating to possible data loss - are these concerns warranted? What can companies do to protect themselves?”

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  • Ask the Espion Expert: Network Security

    How reactive has the financial industry been to the changing threats and attacks in network security. What are the latest solutions to prevent attacks? Is the message getting through to the financial sector – do they understand the risks?”

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  • PCI DSS & Payment Application Data Security Standard: Version 3.0 Change Highlights

    Highlights of anticipated changes to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Payment Application-Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), in order to prepare organisations for the introduction of Version 3.0 in November 2013.

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